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Marina Kassianidou at Tenderpixel Gallery, London

From:     Mark Ridley
Category: ArtExhibitions
Date:     21 August 2009
Time:     02:07 PM


This is an interesting show with many good works and a couple of great ones actually. 

When you walk into the gallery you see clusters of small works installed around. The artist has basically placed drawings and 
paintings scattered throughout the gallery. The drawings are made up of small marks that look kind of like stains. The paintings 
are pretty unusual  she uses pencil on cloth and basically draws many flowers repeatedly on top of each other resulting in 
some strange images. There are also works on linoleum placed on the walls and floor. Again she painted stain-like marks on 
these surfaces. Quite interesting work.

The best pieces in my opinion are some drawings on cardboard. In one of these the artist drew flowers on the inside of a 
cardboard box. The drawing goes around the edges so the centre is pretty much empty. This I think allows the underlying 
texture of the cardboard to come through and draws attention to the actual surface. Then there are some drawings in which the 
artist has somehow shaded the cardboard allowing all sorts of patterns to emerge out of the texture, like hidden images. They 
almost look like hieroglyphs or symbols or something. So simple and non-art like and yet brilliant! As is often the case, the 
simplest ideas are usually the best ones.

Exhibition info:
Re-Surface - works by Marina Kassianidou
Tenderpixel Gallery (
August 13 - September 5, 2009

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