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Adam Morrigan Road Kill and other adventures

From:     BBC
Category: ArtExhibitionsPress Release
Date:     04 August 2009
Time:     02:55 PM


Highly-strung roadkill on display

Adam Morrigan from Gloucestershire has made headlines around the world and is bringing his controversial work home to 

The Horsley artist collects roadkill and uses it to produce his pieces, the most famous being valued at 1m.

Mappe Mundi features two mallard ducklings sewn together and stretched in a frame, depicting a Medieval map of the world.

"The piece is about recognising life as beautiful, precious and easily disregarded," says Adam.

You can see this piece, along with a selection of Adam's work, when it goes on display at the Cotswold Craftsmen Gallery in 
Nailsworth from Thursday, 6 August to Tuesday, 18 August.


Adam collects roadkill from around his home and then determines if the carcass is in a good enough condition to be used.

Suitable specimens are then skinned and traditionally preserved. After the process is complete, it is stretched and hung in a 

Another of Adam's pieces, entitled Absolution and Redemption, features a dead hare and a fox held in a frame made out of 
man-made fibre. 

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