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Re: Dash Snow RIP

From:     Simeon
Category: Art
Date:     17 July 2009
Time:     05:58 AM


What terrible sad and lazy journalism to write.

"It wasn't necessarily the aesthetic of his work, but its independence that made it so influential.
He simply didn't give a shit."

Please look at art where people did give a shit. I think there are many examples. In Japan it was
customary for master carpenters to have an almost religious devotion to their craft and tools,
spending hours sharpening them before work began. Also the masterful and impossibly thin lines cut
of cherry wood by anonymous artist in the making of woodblock prints. Or the drawing on Greek vases,
the imagination of William Morris etc...etc.

We are so far removed in our aesthetic and spiritual understanding of art that we encourage and
promote people to debase themselves for our own ends. Shameful and lazy of the The Guardian.

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