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Re: Jeff Koons

From:     burroughs
Category: Art
Date:     08 July 2009
Time:     04:56 PM


Ah  yes of course ! thanks for informing me. a collage has to make a 'picture'...i.e a 2-d representation of a given subject that exists 
in the real world. And that explains why I have never been 'convinced' by Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst etc.

And again you are 100% correct - Koons can't sculpt..I mean they just look like a load of beach toys reconfigured into improbable 
scenarios. where is the skill in that I ask ? He must just write a shopping list for his assistants who tootle off down to cape cod for a 
couple of days to buy a load of inflatables made in China by people he/we never see, that are shipped over by people he/we 
never see etc - its just an exercise in the dialectics of alienated labor (that's labour to us Brits) right ?

Anthony there's an example of a great cutting edge sculptor. Sculptures that look like sculptures

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