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Anthony Gormley's fourth plinth

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     08 July 2009
Time:     04:03 AM


I am generally of the opinion that Gorm is the worst of all sculptors now working in Britain, with a 
feeble populist streak and no sense of style, an art student writ (cast) large. However for all the 
phoney art as democracy (the people are just canon fodder, they dont get to make the conceptual art, 
just be used in it, like the difference between making up the idea of big brother (and making money 
out of it) and appearing on it) the idea of people standing in trafalgar square on the plinth is a good 
one, appealing, mixing performance art  (of the living statue busker variety) and wallingers christ as 
ordinary sized figure, drawing attention to the scale of public monuments and space.

Yes this is truly Gormley's triumph, showing give a bad artist enough time, attention, and money: they 
will eventually come up with one good idea!

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