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Re: drawing

From:     Adam Morrigan
Category: Art
Date:     04 July 2009
Time:     09:08 AM


I personally do not think drawing from life is looked down upon, it is after all a reflection of conscious engagement with an object 
or objects to represent its actual form. Life Drawing itself takes patience skill and intimate observation of the subject. However a 
line or a dot may suffice to demonstrate a form in existence on a two dimensional plane. I think the presiding problem for 
drawing in its self as an art form is the use of available technology.  I don't think this is such a problem, it is just we are all small 
fish in a big pond and as such have to create poignancy and uniqueness in our art form to engage voyeurs of the subject.

I use drawing from life everyday and keep a sketch handy. But I am nowhere near as prolific as some. Imogen Harvey-Lewis for 
example who has won the BIG DRAW  two years in succession draws prolifically using exceptional skill in observation to 
explore her subject she does this tirelessly because she loves it. How do I know this, I live with her and she works hard to get 
her work out for people to purchase and see by just getting on with it. She also take her knowledge and skill into schools to 
enable continual exploration in education without the use of prescribed technology. Picking up a pencil or pen in itself develops 
fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and observational development including tactile observation something the  2 
dimension glare of screen can never hope to compete with.

In my opinion Arts enemy is alienation and apathy and we artists can choose to either pickup the pencil, or whatever and make 
our mark, or let the LCD choose for us.  Technology and the LCD has its place but its not the full picture.

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