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Peter Harris at Mummery Schnelle Gallery London

From:     J
Category: Art
Date:     03 July 2009
Time:     01:57 PM


The bald head returns to the now schnelle partnered west end mummery: A round-up of his 
occasionally amusing, often striking attempts to make himself iconic, or play off the artist as icon. The 
repeated motif of the head in the front  photo, like a giant extended passport strip draws you in, inside 
he has spent many years thinking about how to be famous or successful in the art world, or better 
described art business, and you can't really see why he hasn't reached Turk levels, but you wonder 
why he just doesnt do what he wants rather than think about the sordid universe of networking, wheels 
and deals, which makes up the ARTWORLD.

In the back room are some silly portraits by Turk,Joffe,Dant, Strutton, Houseley, Akkerman. They 
show the futility of painting and whatever. 

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