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Re: Art in Mind-Exhibition @ The Brick Lane Gallery

From:     Bill Jones
Category: Art
Date:     02 July 2009
Time:     04:38 PM


I attended The Art in Mind exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery on the 1st of July to review the work of Adam Morrigan. I was 
expecting not to be enthralled having heard of his previous media stunt with Road Kill Mappe Mundi a grotesque representation 
of ducklings stretched in a frame for 1,000,000.   However I was intrigued as I was surprised to hear his work had made it to a 
respected London gallery, thus gaining a vague credibility.

What I discovered was so simply confrontational I applaud anyone who can walk away from it without either a sense of 
revulsion at his use material "Roadkill" or amazement at poignancy of the message it conveys. "Porn Economics" with it's 
description of our forced bondage to the economics of our age is unnerving. A Rabbit portrayed as an effigy of the Play Boy 
bunny with a dice for an eye awaiting the glinting menace of a blade is for me a truly accurate portrayal of our current global 
economic crisis. We the Rabbits unable to turn away despite the impending car behind the headlight. 

I was also expecting the artist to have the arrogant disposition often displayed by contemporary artists desperately trying to cling 
to credibility with a clever use of words. To my surprise his Artist statement was brief, concise and articulate.  I was even witness 
to an incident where the artist allowed an attendee to fully engage with the piece, "Road Kill Janus and the duality of haute 
couture" A Roadkill fox cub handbag a striking juxtaposition of our vanity in relation to material. The man being physically 
shaken by its graphic identity "literally."

Adam was quick to to assist explaining the nature of his art, allowing the man to touch the piece whilst at the same time, 
opening the flap of the hand bag "face of the fox" to peer inside and see an element of the Landfill, a crumpled supermarket flyer 
for pet insurance. Brilliant!  

I can recommend that any who chooses to review the work  for themselves will not be disappointed as it is both visually 
engaging and thought provoking. I believe Adam Morrigan's work will be on show at the Brick Lane Gallery until the 13th of July.

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