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Re: lifedrawing

From:     er...
Category: Art
Date:     01 July 2009
Time:     11:57 AM


yes but we aren't trees - life drawing is about drawing what/who we are...
it isn't necessarily about producing an anatomically correct drawing 
it can examine the human condition - what it is to be a sentient, sensual, physical being?

life drawing as a term is perhaps not helpful - conjuring up images of art school & drawing with
string dipped in ink. But drawing from life is essentially about a relationship between 2 human beings,
an artist and a model and how one responds to the other (and that can work both ways) and what that
says about us.

How has art through the ages managed to have a fascination for the human figure and what it represents
and yet since the 60s most contemporary artists have an allergic reaction to it? Is it because it's something
that's not easily theorised, therefore uncomfortable for anyone who wants the comfort of theory to protect their
own work?

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