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Re: Woolworths Leytonstone becomes art gallery ,"pick n mix"

From:     Flash Bristow
Category: Art
Date:     30 June 2009
Time:     03:24 PM


I think these comments are hugely unfair. Woolworths was closed and an eyesore; the windows were 
being smashed and this huge building in the town centre permanently had its shutters down. 

For the next three weeks, it is taking on a new life as an art gallery. The show is curated by people 
who teach art at the RCA and UEL and reflect a variety of local talent as well as some who are 
nationally renowned within art circles.

All I can suggest is that the reviewer knows nothing about art.

However, the show is accessible to everyone - you don't need to know about art to appreciate the 
way that East End artists have responded to the building, using the mirrors, shelves and tills from 
Woolies. There is plenty to look at and even exhibits that invite you to participate. So I would 
recommend that everyone comes along to Leytonstone on the weekend (last date 19 July) and see 
what's on show. 

For years Waltham Forest has been languishing without an art gallery; for three weeks that is being 
set to rights. 

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