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Trivignano Dreams by PERSISTERS, Krossing, collateral event of the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, Forte Marghera, Venice

Category: Art
Date:     26 June 2009
Time:     06:07 AM


The project Trivignano Dreams by PERSISTERS has been presented at Krossing, collateral event of 
the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, in the historical spaces of Forte 
Marghera, curated by Andrea Bonifacio.

Trivignano Dreams investigates the most stereotyped aspects of the appearance.
Codifying the image of a landscape means assigning a mental space to it, but the east cannot exist if 
there is no center.
Offer the absence of what is clearly recognisable means to contemplate its presence: this 
consideration became the basis for this project.
Trivignano is a small country village very close to Slovenia. With the recent fall of the border between 
Italy and Slovenia, all this region, from being the extreme marginal land, suddenly "become", in 
everyone's perception, the main door towards the Balkans.
PERSISTERS realized a series of site-specific performances inside Trivignano, to trace the paths of 
the perfect holiday, following the map of mind landscapes of the western world. In this manner a 
combination of beach and mountain resort town was born, complete with an international airport, 
attractions such as theatres, a trendy and eventful night life, a luxury lodge safari, ans also places 
dedicated to well-being such as the Spa.  With all these images they created holiday packages and 
other tourist promotional material that, together with a plastic model (by Mauro Cadeddu) promote 
the place that doesn’t exhist inside a Travel Agency.
All the applications received by the website (by Andrea Sorrentino) will 
become part of the project.

PERSISTERS is an artistic duo born in 2008 and composed by the sisters Isabella and Tiziana Pers.
In the last year it partecipated at  SpilimbergoFotografia08, by CRAF Center of Research and 
Archiviation of Photography and at N.Est, Project Room MADRE Museum of Naples.

PERSISTERS  unveils the mechanisms of recognition of the images already gained and consigned 
to the collective memory. It upsets clichè, status symbols and platitudes using their same language 
and suspending in a far-out space the relative preconceptions.

Krossing takes place in the extraordinary complex of Forte Marghera (Venezia Mestre), and will be 
open until the 15th of October, 10 am-18 pm, closed on Monday.

thanks to:               
All the performers

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