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Royal College of Art SCULPTURE show 2009

From:     A viewer!
Category: ArtExhibitions
Date:     11 June 2009
Time:     11:49 AM


28 May - 7 June, RCA Howie Street

What a gaping bright space there was on walking in. 
Now I can't remember who did what because many of the the bizniz cards fail to include an image of
the work.
Didn't feel right to scrawl on the cards as students were about shotting the works.
First there was a figure on a nicely made plinth - your dad? He's about 2 foot high and coloured in
with anally accurate sketchy felt tip pen. Animated and buzzy, especially next to his mini metal
car. Vroom! Lots of trucks too, drawn in the same perfect felt tip rhythm, from books -  and the
What was all that minimalist stuff overtaking the place, bits of paper hanging off the wall in
several different students' showrooms? A handful of them are infected with an anal virus. This hands
off, lining up of colours on the floor, wall, what?
Splat! Brown clay all over a plinth, that'll show em. Don't know who did it, but it was next to
expertly made video by Jorge Riviera, with scenes of old skool casting and lumpy evidence of the
process outside. 
Repetitive noise! Yes, it's an exhibition. A large watery pool in the corner leads to stairs to trot
up and get shot at. 
Darren Norman, which one was yours? No pic on the card unfortunately but that room was fun. Packed
up studio ready to go to sea, or away, into the world. Put an ad in the paper too, wonderful!
Best bizniz card award goes to Melissa Jordan. Lovely collages on paper and in the sculptures.
Frenetic and confusing, memorable.
Lucy Clout, what's the deal? There was no new work, just a video that had been shown before. That
was a shame - though the vinyl lettering was spot on. Tate?

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