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Tracey Emin at White cube masons yard London

From:     el art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     05 June 2009
Time:     05:42 AM


Lodda people hate trace, possibly because she is mouthy and a woman. Lodda people hate anyone 
famous too. She IS quite good. I like her bed and her blankets best,and the small scratchy drawings 
are sometimes klimtly successful at summoning body pain.

This show has a lot more naked traces, and an animation in a big gallery of her spread leg alter ego 
masturbating. Big blankets downstairs have similar motifs, and their are some framed up sketch 
book pages with more anguished scrawls.  The changes of medium and scale dont seemt to add 
much value (artistic not financial). You wonder how she has so much time to be unhappy when busy 
representing Britain in the venice biennale and staying in 5 star hotels. Still that's her schtick  and like 
many succesful artists and musicians she sticks with it, perhaps purifying her adolescent wail along 
the way into something which resembles good (great?) art.

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