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Sex Tourism and the Western Woman

From:     Sexia
Category: Life
Date:     25 May 2009
Time:     01:58 AM


Its now official sex tourism is emancipated no longer are women limited to watching men sleeze all 
over young Asian women/ men/ lady boys.... they can now quite easily have a piece of the action all 
for themselves.  Older women have been seeking out such paid thrills in Africa for some time - 
wrinkled retirees walking hand in hand with young black gods are a common sight in East and West 
Africa and it has slowly spread to Egypt where package tourists return several times a year for sun 
sea and sex - the percentages are in the favour of the Western female sex tourist there at least 10 
Mohammeds to every Sharon according to figures from Luxor's Club 2000 and I have hardly met an 
Egyptian from Sharm el Sheik who didn't claim to have a girlfriend from Manchester..

However not content with one Middle East country these female thrill seekers are spreading to more 
dangerous waters heading up towards countries defined by the US as part of the axis of evil -
politically anyway as I have seen little evidence of any Western hatred in everyday life - but it seems 
sex and politics are indeed connected....No longer is a visit to the desert inspired by Lawrence of 
Arabia it's now a stint in a filthy tent and if you are (un)lucky an offer of a walk in the desert to see the 
stars by one of the very willing Bedouin boys who are obviously spending their early twenties 
pleasuring a different tourist every night.  There is no contraception, the Bedouins use sand so 
remember girls you may well come back with a lovely STD as a souvenir of your trip...

All of this is occuring in countries where the majority of muslim woman have no voice, at least 
politically.  With varying degrees muslim women are covered from head to foot- men do not look at 
them, sit next to them or engage with them unless the women are family members.  Of course some 
countries are more liberal than others, some families more liberal than others but don't been fooled 
even if you see young women in Manolos and mini skirts, as in Beirut, its a fashion show they are not 
up for action....

This is the realm that the Western female sex tourist has set her sights and word travels fast amongst 
the Arabs so that now any woman travelling in the Middle East is tarred with the same reputation.  So 
I congratulate each female sex tourist for your easy conquests of men who have no access to women 
outside of marriage, for flouting decency and disrespecting the values of the countries you visit.  I also 
celebrate the hipocracy of Middle East for elevating men and condemming women to be virgins or 
whores.  But most of all I thank each and every one of you Western Female Sex Tourists for ruining 
my holiday with unwanted male advances.  

There is much to see in the Middle East and Arab men are not the highlight.....

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