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Mobile Phones

From:     J
Category: Art
Date:     20 May 2009
Time:     04:31 AM


Having spent a week without my mobile phone, I am now reconnected to the great information and 
contact network. Relaxation and contemplation levels inevitably decline as once connected you can 
always be phoned, emailed, texted, or left a message. 24/7 you can know the latest, and any 
arrangement is subject to last minute amendment or cancellation.

I remember the early days of the mobile virus, I was incredulous that anyone would pay 50 a month 
just to make phone calls without using a phone box. Now I wonder what damage we have done to our 
peace of mind, and how constant we have made our exposure to capitalism's tentacles carrying our 
little rectangular prison round with us, which of us has the strength to free our minds, throw off the 
shackles of mobility, and get rid of our pesky little phones. All we have to lose is our servitude to 
stupiding ourselves.

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