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Art Elements is proud to present " Timeless Treasures"

Category: Art
Date:     19 April 2009
Time:     05:43 AM


Crowne Plaza Hotel Delhi
"Timeless Treasures "
Exhibition of Paintings, Photographs & Artifacts
M.F Hussain, F.N. Souza, Ram Kumar, Sakti Burman, A.Ramachandran,  Manu Parekh, Raghu Rai, 
Indrapramit Roy, Farhad Hussain, Vijender Sharma, Jagdish Chintala & others…
Crowne Plaza Hotel Delhi
New Friends Colony
 April 23rd 2009 Preview at 7:00 PM
Exhibition on view till April 24th , 2009 (11 AM- 6 PM) 
Then the Exhibition shifts to and the works will be available on view from
 April 25th- May 25 2009 at 
The Art Elements Gallery, 31 Haus Khas Village, New Delhi 
 ( 11 AM -7 PM)
"Timeless Treasures ": Concept Note & Press Release
The Exhibition “Timeless Treasures” is a showcase of some of  India’s Best creative manifestations 
conceptualized keeping in view the developments in the Indian art progression from the modern art 
genre on one side with the likes of Indian Maestros like M.F. Hussein , Ram Kumar & F.N Souza , 
Sakti Burman to the development and transition towards the Contemporary Indian Art like Manu 
Parekh, Sajal Sarkar, Prasenjit Sen Gupta and others.
Each piece of artwork has been especially worked on by artists to  send a messege to the world 
about how intense & deep the Indian values are & intellectualization at sub-conscious is a part of our 
culture. Amongst the 35 or more artits there are investment masterpieces, photographs, sculptures, 
artifacts & limited edition signed and numbered prints The exhibit does not represent a particular 
region or theme.  Instead it  sets a broader parameter where artists from diverse origins and 
orientations can intersect and share each other's experience in journey of both life and Art. 
For collectors and art connoisseurs , in the changing times of global recession, this exhibition stands 
high in many ways to justify its space in time , for the fact that the masterpieces are made available at 
special and highly affordable price points, limited editions of A. Ramachandran & Ram Kumar are 
available for those aspiring and want to acquire authentic masterpieces, signed and numbered 
available at one-tenth or less pricing, photographs  by eminent Raghu Rai, Subrata Biswas & Nitin 
Rai as yet another very powerful medium of creative manifestation, amongst some very unique and 
stand-out sculptures by Jagdish Chintala & Akhil Chandra Das by some senior as well new genre 

Art Elements Gallery
31 Hauz Khas Village
New Delhi 110016 
Mobile: +91 98 100 77180
Media R.S.V.P
Rupali Gupta

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