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The Whitechapel reopening party 2009

From:     the scene
Category: Art
Date:     03 April 2009
Time:     03:13 AM


There was an excellent supply of salami to be scooped up into the sweaty paws of the art mob. Drinks were on waterfall flow. The 
security was tight on the door with one queue for RSVPs and one for non-RSVPs. Oh the pathetic pretensions of the cool crowd. 
There weren't that many artists there, and the invitation to dress up seemed to have been understood as wear black. There are 
some more galleries, and in one we see a tapestry of Guernica, some kind of installation by Macuga which is meant to 
"demonstrate the profound relation between aesthetics and politics. " Ho hum, not really doing that. Maybe these new galleries 
should have been filled with some great art, demonstrating the profound relationship between good art and good galleries. Instead 
we get early by ubquitous British artists, a not that amazing Iza Genzzzken show,  and some boring old Bombergs. Is this it? you 
think.  The new Whitechapel is so tastefully expanded you can hardly tell the difference.  But perhaps the drink makes your sense 
of proportion decrease.

The party continued in many rooms with many anxious attendants making sure the vodka and tonics didn't causes drunken de-
assemblage of the junk. A disco was put on at the top. Great that there is more space for art, more galleries, more cafes etc. But 
where are we going to find the artists to fill them.

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