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all star bowling lanes brick lane

From:     captain amerika
Category: Consumer
Date:     20 March 2009
Time:     03:37 PM


First thing is the staff have a quintessentially English ungracious, postively grumpy attitude to 
customer service. They seem pissed off.

I don't really like bowling, it's meant to be fun, but soon bores. It's the sort of forced good time that 
groups of people do rather than talk to each other. I realised you can be quite good at it by standing 
there and releasing the ball down the middle, no little hop and step to complicate things, but even 
doing it successfully is dull.

Anway there are some real geeks and workers who go there and dress up vaguely American 
rockabilly style, and make you feel embarrassed to be British. After all the jolly bonding and horsiing 
about of bowling you can eat some food in there kinda of diner. You might be better off to escape into 
Brick Lane for an awful cheaper curry, but the lights and razzmatazz may cloud your judgement. 

The food is toe-curlingly, stomach churningly, wallet emptyingly bad value and bad tasting. How can 
people fuck up a hamburger. Just get some ok mince, add salt, and put in frying pan or on a griddle 
or grill. Simple shit. But the burger here was dry ugly meat patty in a stale crumbling brioche-style bun. 
Awful. The spaghetti bolognese (american?) we got turned out to be an imposter spaghetti in tomato 
sauce. They have other silly variants on classic? american food which are surely just as awful, given 
their other achievements. The milkshakes were quite good. But there would be no reason to return  
except a mob of howling mewling whining screaming children demanding that you go. See you there 
soon folks!

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