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Fractal album called "Sequitur", a music CD

From:     RS
Category: Music
Date:     14 March 2009
Time:     04:41 AM


This CD was kindly sent to me through the post to review. I listened to it with a group of friends who 
have greater musical knowledge than I. The positive element consisted of the fact that they did not 
request that I turn it off immediately and that they could bear to listen to it for a medium amount of 
time, a number of songs.

They suggest various influences that I do not remember, they suggested it had the taken the creators 
a lengthy time to make, others said it had not taken so long, they were quite rude and rumbunctious 
about it, as a group of friends can be about an alien CD.

Overall the CD was not liked and we turned it off. I thought the music noise. Not awful noise, but 
nothing I would play again. Thank you to Fractal for sending it to me, and I liked their posters on their 
myspace site.

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