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George Shaw, "woodsman" at Anthony Wilkinson Gallery London 2009

From:     Jenet Piumpton
Category: Art
Date:     06 March 2009
Time:     06:09 AM


Shaw has become well known for his meticulous landscapes of suburban gloom painted in grays and 
greens and with a touch of graffiti or an old tin can showing grit. They seemed when you first saw 
them to be showing something you hadn't looked at in painting, namely grim scenes of the Midlands 
painted realistically. And that made them a good thing.

These paintings don't seem to have extended much except for the size of the canvases (boreds), they 
have become less detailed, fewer careful leaves, and there are larger areas of empty or glazed or 
brushed paint without relief, these "abstract" bits, vogueish in contemporary descriptive painting, are 
boring to look at and decrease the intensity of the experience. Perhaps they are metaphors for life up 
norf, or perhaps Shaw has tired of the scene.

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