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Gerhard Richter portraits at the national portrait gallery london

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     05 March 2009
Time:     07:19 AM


Richter, is beloved of people who like paintings that look a bit like photos. So that would be most 
people. His innovation was to get a big brush and run it over the soft paint to make it look like a blurry 
photo. Paintings of photos always look good in reproduction, because they reduce the cack-
handedness of the painting and make it look like a photo again, which was the original interesting 

Richters paintings are extremely disappointing as paintings. There are lots of them, mostly deadly 
gray (I am sure some smart alec will tell me they are meant to be dead as photos), and the coloured 
ones such as the famous one of his daughter turning his head look like woolworths (deceased) has 
applied a paint effect to a photo to produce a lovely realistic object for your wall. What irony we are 
meant to admire in a badly brushed sad copy of a photo with all over worked paint satirising the 
death of the author and the great painter. All hail Richter the master.

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