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john cale 24th feburary 2009 ammanford miners theatre uk.

From:     neale howells
Category: Art
Date:     27 February 2009
Time:     05:23 AM


john cale has been chosen to represent wales at this years venice biennale... this was a chance to 
hear his opinions on being chosen and his view/ideas on what he may be showing... it was also a way 
of finding out more about a person who really  people only know through his music and other works.... 
john cale studied/ worked with andy warhol so i suppose being there and lisening to him speak may 
also give you an idea of the artist andy warhol aswell... john came over as a very articulate person with 
a grace full understanding in speaking...  it was comfortable hearing him talk for the hour or so that we 
where there.... he touched apoun his film ideas he has for venice such as his old home from the 
valleys in which he was born... he also said how exciting yet difficult it all is being involved in a project 
such as the venice biennale.... i do believe that his project will entale him working with other welsh 
artists although there was no names mentioned... he didn't want to give to much away, and i suppose 
why would he about the exhibition.... all will eventually be revealed... i personally asked him a 
questioned 'how do you judge a good bit of art..?' to which he replied after a moment 'by first listening 
to those around him to see what they say...' a very good answer and perhaps a very good question... i 
mentioned this and felt a break up or fun started to happen within the discussion and audience with 
himself laughing...  the evening covered various topics and stories form his early childhood in wales to 
him traveling back and forth and keeping up with whats happening here... i talked to bruce haines the 
project manger for wales at the venice biennale and it was due to him that john cale was invited... i 
asked him,' how did you get the brain wave to think of john cale...?'  sorry but can't think of the answer 
while writting this but look if you see him then ask....  

various artists and organisations turned up to hear and probaly see the man with dyed striped hair... a 
good night with cale hanging around later to talk to people and just sign and take pictures.... the welsh 
at the years venice biennale is going to be good... the enthusiasm for john cale to do well is there.. 
support and optomism also... i think john my be feeling the pressure of this project slightly... and so he 
should... the venice biennale is a show of the best of the best.... yet it wouldn't be the same with out a 
little competition... is that what cale think..? propable doesn't need to as his body of work speaks for 
itself, who or what does he have to prove... yet he's and artist and we are all competitive to some 
extent... venice and others watch out....

neale howells artist. 

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