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more artmarket schadenfreude in the new york times from Holland Cotter

From:     art news
Category: Art
Date:     19 February 2009
Time:     03:18 PM


"Itís day-job time again in America, and thatís O.K. Artists have always had them ó van Gogh the 
preacher, Pollock the busboy, Henry Darger the janitor ó and will again. The trick is to try to make 
them an energy source, not a chore."

Right you fucker, how about critics for the NY Times have to get fucking day jobs and see if that 
improves their criticism. Oh please god this shit about poverty ennobling artists, give it a rest, being 
poor is no fun and makes it harder to make art (good or bad), that's why most artists come from 
middle class backgrounds.

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