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From:     Chris Guillochon
Category: Art
Date:     05 February 2009
Time:     06:36 AM


Renzo Martens: Episode III, Wilkinson Gallery, Vyner Street

I sat and watched it for an hour and a half and my opinion at the end was what a magnificent film. I 
understood fully the idea Martens was trying to bring across, namely the western world trying to turn 
African poverty into a commodity; photographers taking pictures of malnutrition and despair and 
selling them to the media; UNICEF giving rain covers to use as roofs on shelters, yet somehow the 
covers all have the UNICEF logo on them, like some kind of corporate sponsor. It was a very clever, 
well thought out and excellent exhibition. (I'm writing a blog with an underlying theme of leaving the 
banking world and entering the art world: its at


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