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Doing something less futile

From:     blp
Category: Life
Date:     06 January 2009
Time:     07:15 AM


Thanks, clam. Still thinking of me? I'm almost flattered. Nurse that grudge, boy. It's sure to grow
up big and strong. My argument, which you never understood, had nothing to do with anything you've
said above, but of course, as you say, I was right, and, yes, you did drive me away, in a way.
Reading you was a bit like looking into a convex mirror. My first thought  what is this person
getting out of thundering on here like this?  quickly gave way to the more pertinent one of what I
was. And realising the answer was not much more than a distraction, a way of being nowhere, a
regular exercise of my egotistical nervous tic somewhat akin to hours playing Tetris, I left; and
since we're on the subject of real feeling, it really felt good, and still does. It's almost as if I
should thank you, but that would be disingenuous, wouldn't it? And I've always tried to be nothing
less than ingenuous with you, clam. 

Keep writing those reviews!

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