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Galbraith's The Culture of Contentment

From:     economics for beginners
Category: Art
Date:     31 December 2008
Time:     07:02 AM


This book published during the 90s recession is startlingly clear in its analyis which descibes very 
well the present recession(crunch cricis et al). Reading it again you feel that it must be popular 
among democrats and labourites, and how apt his diagnosis is that enough people are content in the 
short term not to care about the long term poverty, environment, underclass etc in the long term, with 
bailouts only coming when the contented are threatened, eg with banks failing. Also he is good on 
how the well off invent theories (like economics) stifling all debate, which justify or even eulogize their 
disproportionate share of the spoils of capitalism, the deserving rich and the "it's their fault" poor. The 
deserving well off pay for and populate  the universities, think tanks, and political classes and funnily 
enough theory proves that the status quo is best for all.

Short and sweet, so give it a try even if you're frightened by nomics.

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