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christmas cooking shows, including willy, nigella, jamie, river cottage

From:     tv dinners
Category: TV
Date:     17 December 2008
Time:     04:22 PM


Vomitous. Inducing a sense of vertigo where christmas keeps repeating on you, nothing else on the 
box, especially nigella, if one day I become one of her fake multiracial friends I will know I have died 
and there is hell. Wanky Willy's was as thin as ever, he grates some of his dried shit into any 
unsuitable food and complains about working so hard making money from all the free advertising he 
has gotten, and his children prance around while his wife wanks him off. Meanwhile Jamie is stuffing 
a goose up the ass with stilton and pumpking. And hugh fern whitlessdicjhead will be killing an 
elephant with his bare hands and slow roasting it in sweet chilli sauce.

A taste of christmas which makes you realise the full horror of the season.

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