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Northern Art Prize

From:     el al
Category: Art
Date:     07 December 2008
Time:     05:49 AM


Clare Charnley, Richard Forster, Paul Rooney and Imogen Stidworthy. 

The disadvantaged North gets its own special needs Turner Prize. The works of art look like a parody 
of 80s conceptual art, especially a video installation of a repeated voice, an dot matrix ticker spelling 
out some nonsense in red, a big screen, and perhaps some text. I felt like Barbara Kruger and Bruce 
Nauman had produced a bastard child, and that the North, unloved by the chattering classes of the 
london art establishment should send some emergency workers to tell them that the artworld had 
moved on from 1987. A drawer had carefully copied some photos in pencil or charcoal, and then 
meticulously spattered some paint round the room to indicate that he was attempting to make art. 
There might have been other stuff. Never seen, not forgotten. 

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