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Re: America is racist!

From:     Mebby Oncurlew
Category: Art
Date:     14 November 2008
Time:     01:56 PM


At the risk of seeming glib, or contrastingly superficial, I detect in the initial statement under review a very generic set of 
allegations about racism. Or about America. These allegations are, as I have noted, exceedingly general and unaccompanied 
by a verifiable source of validation, that is not to say that there is a plentiful amount of evidence supporting the assertion that 
America is racist. Barack Obama's nomination and subsequent election to the presidential seat of governance in the United 
States of America is a very prominent icon for the politically disenfranchised African American cause, as it is for other 
"downtrodden, overlooked or marginalized" societal plaintiffs.

Somehow, so-far Barack Obama has seemingly defied the usual hostility and institutional racist attitudes that are inherent within 
western society, and represented via the portals of the media; ( they have not necessarily been eradicated, they just hide 
sometimes) I acknowledge the apparent "improvements", ethnic recognition and certain "democratic" processes in society that 
seem to have faintly prevailed, largely owing to attempts at comodification  rather than via moral justification. There will be 
varying claims about the power of music, art and sport as significant cultural contributions and there will be observations about 
the demographic integration of post-war society. Perspective is way too sensitive to personal predilection to be argued 
rationally, Does Art rise above racist attitudes ?, In its purist form, maybe but there is far more general prejudice in the Art-World 
because it is controlled by consenting individuals in response to perceived values, the very same rationale that invokes the 
marketeer to see all shades of ethnicity as irrelevant unless marketable.
Although Barack Obama thankfully drew many otherwise disillusioned African Americans to the poll stations, along with a 
variety of downtrodden or socially motivated sectors of  American society, he was effectively marketed well.

Many, myself included thought that the McCain/Palin bigotry would triumph, particularly in the light of the dishonourable Bush 

To the native American People, who must feel they are forever re-joining the back of an endless queue for recognition these 
observations will cut not one cotyledon of a mustard seed, the concept of Mass Observation in society is almost certainly flawed 
owing to the perjorative tribal "genes" instilled in us all, rather pathetically in my preserved nievety, I hoped that British society 
would distance itself much further from the aggressive imperial/colonial attitudes, the posturing of the Royal Family in 
Afghanistan, siding with the unfortunate perception of an almost "nazi"America, backed up by Abu Grave, Extra rendition and 
Guantanamo Bay both societies need to practice a more focussed domestic attitude of their deliberations rather than agitating 
problematic situations in the Ghaza or  victimizing whoever represents the "enemy".
I was elated when Tony Blair came to power but gradually became disillusioned by his breathtaking disdain for common values 
and an apparent sleep-walk into a neo-colonial Britain, I thought Brown was expressing a disdain of Blair's flashy rhetoric but 
nothing has filled the vacuum that Blair's absence has created....should it?  Marketeers would say it was. The public seem 
blinded by Cameron's use of Blair's snakeskin lifestyle to mask his own incredibly right wing origins. Stuart Hall commented on 
the lamentable impossibility of a British Prime Minister from an obviously identifiable ethnic background, when he was 
discussing the subject, maybe Pam Grier was there too, it seemed so inane, overshadowed by the Democrat victory which by 
comparison looks so totally bipartisan (as the Americans would say) by comparison Britain seems to have stopped moving. It 
was quite noticeable to me on the election night how awkward the British journalists, the Dimblebys et al, were with "race" and 
there is is this continuing confusion in anecdotal terms about America being far less racist than Britain. Does anyone else agree 
that the word Racist needs to be clarified, explained fully and properly contextualized ?
One of the most compelling images that emerged from this election and the whole issue of race was the swapped visable ethnic 
attributes of McCane and Obama, that was truly the work of genius.
Apologies about the length and quality of spelling.

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