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the argument

Category: Art
Date:     06 November 2008
Time:     06:21 AM


If it is true that white America was in aggregate racist, then that is very sad. If white americans are no 
longer racist than the former racists should not be celebrating but humbly reflecting on their past sins. 

The criminal does not celebrate when he longer commits crimes. The rest of society may be pleased. 
But when the resy of society (the whites) is the criminal, no need to break out the champagne and 
soaring rhetoric from them. 

What you fail to understand is that hundreds of years of murder, theft, rape, and discrimination are not 
wiped out by one success strory. Obama's election is good new for black people in America, maybe 
their nightmare has come to an end, but their perpertrators of that wicked calumny shall not rejoice for 
like the addict they are always an addict.

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