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Devil in Disguise 5/11/08

From:     MDzhay
Category: Theatre
Date:     05 November 2008
Time:     05:49 PM


This evening I went, with not a little trepidation, to a special preview performance of a new play -
Devil in Disguise. As the blurb says 'written and directed by filmmaker Paula Crickard' and 'the
first of an exciting new trilogy'...... It was rather cunningly squeezed into The Whitecross Gallery
near Old Street. And... it was really rather good.

I have had a terrible loathing of theatre having been spoiled by seeing Alan Rickman on stage many
years ago and subsequently being subjected to some diabolically bad performances elsewhere.... no
names. But tonight was actually surprisingly good. I suspect that if I were a real theatre buff I
would be able to wax more lyrical but I fear I am a mere pleb in theatre terms. However, I can say
that I believed the characters and didn't sit wondering what they were really like when not on stage
and whether they were struggling to remember lines. They were quite real. Hooray - the elusive
suspension of disbelief. A personal first.

The venue is a nice compact gallery and the audience of only 2 dozen are seated around the
performers as the story unfolds... You might think you would feel uncomfortable at being so close
but it allows a certain intimacy - almost like being close to the television - except real people -
without having to interact just react.

I can honestly recommend it. If you like theatre I bet you'll think it's brilliant and if you think
you don't it's still good. I'm looking forward to the next installment. This one runs till the 22nd
of November and is worth the visit.

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