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Sam Taylor Wood is a good name for a wood

From:     Robert Hues
Category: Art
Date:     14 October 2008
Time:     03:17 PM


I'm in love with a German film star, sang the Prussions in 1981, followed by the Few Fighter Pilots in 2005 and now those 
incurable eclipse catchers the Pet Shop Boys have set the tune to a celebrity infused swimming pool with about an inch of water 
in the bottom.

Staring down into its reflection, a very plain Heather Mills McCartney type of lady artist flanked by two little grey squirrels who play 
tiny harmonicas.

 Narcissism is a talent gentlemen, ambition however , remains to be classified as an actual skill.

Unremarkably this view is not shared, on the contrary I see a plethora of new qualifications about to test the critical faculties of the 
meaning behind the artists actions, thousands of perfectly formed, new little glutinous brains, many no larger than the interior of an 
actual life sized walnut, pulsating with insights and observations. Sounds a bit like rain falling on cellophane in a darkened 
garden....may as well analyze Brittney or Robbie ...I fell for that, ( and feel such a fool) , had this been KLF back in the day, or Jake 
and Dingos, well, then we could see the vindaloo side of things and muster an ironic horse cackle. Those other idiots are pretty 
good musicians now that hindsight allows a backward glance. This is'nt even qualified as revenge for the sort of crap that Bowie 
and all those other long cues of painting celebrities inflict on art. Will it be played on Late Night Junction?, nope, would that have 
suited Sir.....?
The human lung holds about a pint of air but it can hold much more, its that po-faced woman again, still staring into her own 

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