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Hobson's Choice 1954 on dvd, with Charles Laughton and Prunella Scales

From:     Rémi 
Category: Films
Date:     10 October 2008
Time:     02:36 PM


Way back in 1983, I spent a tearful weekend watching 'Greystoke: the legend of Tarzan, Lord of the 
Apes' followed by 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' on the Sunday, the latter films starring an 
especially engaging Charles Laughton. Now aged 32, and living on hospital accomodation with hot 
water and heating temporarily on the blink, I return to this master of drama and character for an 
absolutely fabulous night in.

Action: mid-late 19th century Salford. Laughton plays Hobson, an ineffective bootmaker whose shop 
is really run by his eldest daughter, and expert cobbler, played by John Mills. His other daughters are 
to be married off to local dignitaries, but the eldest one he wants to keep as his maid. She rebels and 
runs off with Mills to set up shop elsewhere. Love conquers all!

Strong on atmosphere and set designs, I was intrigued by all the veiled women. I suppose it was 
colder back then. The characters came forth strong and brave, held your attention like noone else for 
the 100 minutes of film. Felt that John Mills' transformation from hen-pecked simpleton to proud and 
domineering hubby was a bit too rushed, but otherwise very credible, if somewhat theatrical 

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