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the wharf road project, a big not art fair..

From:     art london
Category: Art
Date:     04 October 2008
Time:     05:20 AM


and so it begins. the autumn art season with all the crowds of young people flocking through the 
streets of old. And you know, when you're feeling jaded and plain pissed with the whole thing hark 
back to your first day of the season and remember it's not so bad, quite a phenomenon really: so 
much art, so many people seeking it, and beautiful in its own way.

the wharf rd project is a big carpeted building with lots of rooms by galleries and curators, it is like 
being stuck in a particularly weird office environment where the only business conducted is the 
attempt at making stuff in our unruled time. Mostly you walk in and out and nothing detains you except 
for acquaintances. But somewhere in the buidling must be art, must be because otherwise why are 
we all here. It can't be that everyone is pretending.

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