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Brideshead Revisited, the novel over July 2008

From:     Remi
Category: Books
Date:     20 September 2008
Time:     02:47 PM


Remember hearing about this book when I was at St. Roger's College, Oxford. 

Started out very enthusiastic about 'Brideshead Revisited', when I was reading it on the train. The 
descriptions were very atmospheric and precise, and helped me build up a mental and physical 
picture of the characters, namely Charles Ryder and Sebastian. But I didn't find anything more about 
their inner workings after the first 50 pages. 

The plot worked perfectly well, it just seems lacking in depth about these characters. Why are they so 
much into Catholicism? What does this actually tell you about someone? What made the characters 
fall in love? What was their friendship based on? These aspects could have been covered more. 

There was a good deal about Sebastian's alcoholism; perhaps this was quite daring for a novel at the 
time. Found Charles' career as an artist unconvincing: there was little mention of it during his 
formative years. Perhaps it was easier to become an artist in the old days. 

Am intrigued that they managed to make a TV adaptation several epsiodes long. Wonder how the 
new film compares.

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