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Manuscript found in Saragossa, Polish film from 1960s

From:     Remi
Category: Films
Date:     20 September 2008
Time:     02:37 PM


First heard about the novel of the same name, written in French by the Pole Count Potocki, then saw 
there was a movie version. Wish I had read the novel all the way through as it was relatively hard to 
make sense of the plot. Not that it bothered me. I prefer character-driven films. The main character 
was a Spanish nobleman who is in Granada who meets Moorish princesses that he can marry 
provided he converts to Islam. They are, in fact, distantly related. This sets off a series of stories-
within-stories, like in the Decameron or the Arabian Nights. Usually to do with winning a woman's 
heart or being brave, at least with some sort of moral lesson. 

The best bit for me was hearing the Polish language; I'm a slavonicphile. Then falling asleep while 
trying to watch the film over a 10 day period. I recommend this film to those with a romantic inclination 
and a love of the fantastic. 

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