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Francis Bacon Hyperrama

From:     hypo
Category: Art
Date:     05 September 2008
Time:     08:28 PM


Jones lards the bacon.

Every day there are a 1000 articles on francis bacon at the tate. So much so that I thought I might go 
see the show. Oh... It's not on yet. It doesn't start for a week. Just because Bacon is British does not 
mean he is good. He is a trumped pseudo-existentialist whose work from photos has launched a 
million terrible art students. Just havin a smeary face with its mouth open or a vacuum cleaner 
crossed with an elephant, or a religio-triptych does not give meaning to your work. He is the most 
overrated artist of now and the tate hype machine seems to be working very very well, soon we will 
even believe he is an important artist.

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