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John McCain on wealth distribution

From:     pol
Category: Art
Date:     18 August 2008
Time:     08:52 AM


Asked by that slimy back slapping preacher what he defined as rich, this husband of a beer heiress, 
got much applause for insisting that taxing rich people more was disgusting immoral revolting 
unamerican communist black etc. The American delusion is for the rich and powerful to convince the 
rest to vote against their own self interest, and refuse greater wealth redistribution, in the minsicule 
hope that they might hit the jackpot one day.5 million dollars was his final jokey definition of rich.

The queasy mix of violent capitalism and prejudiced religious rightist bogus morality is almost as bad 
as China, in America they just brainwash you to vote for it too.

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