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what underlies choices

From:     loser
Category: Art
Date:     29 July 2008
Time:     03:51 AM


I didn't get in along with thousands like me. I imagine the judges think they are choosing work that has 
some real merit, the fact that they may have already seen the paintings (or something close to them) 
and may like the artist who has has painted them is indicative not of conspiracy but just that if we 
know more about an artist (or in fact person) we are usually able to engage better with their art. The 
judges have probably seen a lot of art and cannot be expected not to choose work they know and 
like. They believe that work is the best. 

However this does mean that if the judges have not previously seen and enjoyed your work (or 
something similar) they are very unlikely to choose it. You are just a jpeg amongst thousands of 
similarly mediocre works. You the artist may believe you are exceptional and that is what causes the 
anger of rejection. The irritation that the work selected is no better than your own makes you cry 
corruption. That is false, unless you asked the judges to only choose artists (or styles) they knew 
nothing of, their will always be these disappointments. 

Get over it. Competitions are intrinsically stupid and unfair, by entering you already corrupted yourself 
with the delusion that you were going to win.

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