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Star Wars: Clone Wars, Animation Movie 2008

From:     cyclone
Category: Films
Date:     11 July 2008
Time:     04:32 AM


Here we are again in not so a long ago galaxy. 

You've seen the prequels  which were E- compared to the classic Star Wars trilogy.  Now in August 2008 we will be force fed the 
animation called Clone Wars. The plot is set between the films Attack of the hemorrhoids and Revenge of the Turd. 

Annie and  Obi Wan are a mission to capture Jabba the Guts son Gordon Flash Browned in a federation tax exercise to rid chaos 
in the senate. But while this is going on Count Dooku is on a mission himself to destroy the Jedi Knights!!!

Will this film keep your  turtle from touching cloth while eating your Lucas popcorn and your Lucas coke?

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