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rasa trabancore indian restaurant stoke newington

From:     monj
Category: Consumer
Date:     09 July 2008
Time:     04:53 PM


First rule of restaurants: If the tap water is luke warm, then the staff don't care about service or 
probably the food. Second rule If the bread is poor the rest will be. The popadoms were stale and my 
heart sank. The chutneys were nice, and the food at least is vaguely different, being Keralan. The 
mains were awful. Third rule: if the rice comes moulded into any shape, you will get less and the food 
will be worse. The mango and banana curry was basically a whole load of sauce. The fish curry a few 
pieces of dty slightly rancid tasting fish swimming in a whole soup of sauce. The mixed veg curry was 
poor too. Nothing had zing or freshness about it. The whole was as disappointing as stoke 
newington, that haven of vomit inducing organic folk/trustifarians/environmentally friendly young 

Just leave if the tap water is bad, if  they can't be bothered to do even that properly by running the tap 
for a few seconds then they arent going to care about what you pay to eat.

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