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The Glass Room Restaurant Notting Hill London England UK

From:     mr J.
Category: Consumer
Date:     08 July 2008
Time:     05:48 PM


135 Kensington Church Street

When a spot is wrong can good food make a restaurant a success? This used to be another Italian 
restaurant which was mostly empty and the food mediocre.

Now at The Glass Room the food is good, but the room was deserted and that made me doubt my 
tastebuds. I risked linguine or some such with a lobster (shellfish on a slow night, I must be crazy), and 
it was good, the pasta tasted like someone had made it, and the lobster did the job without killing me. 
The crab, prawn, and chilli spaghetti was better and another diner had a reasonable looking steak. 
The puddings took an age, but they appeared to have constructed my tiramisu from scratch, and in a 
lot of places it is bought it. The mango icecream really tasted of mangoes. Yes the food was good, 
and if you had told me that this was the best italian restaurant in notting hill, perhaps london, I wouldn't 
have laughed at you, and it all would have tasted even better, if it was hard to get a table and the 
prices (not cheap) were even higher then it would have been a truly great meal. 

I have got a disease which makes me think I know better than others (from writing too many reviews?) 
so I sympathetic to the possible proprietor said that I liked the food but the concept didnt seem clearly 
defined. He told me he was doing Italian food with english ingredients and the website would be 
ready soon and that would pull the punters in. I said The ENGLISH would prefer a regional restaurant, 
and you needed to stand out in a crowded market, and have some unique selling point. Who the hell 
do I think I am. Still I am probably right, or is just a good restaurant in a bad spot?

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