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Azbuka of Moscow Flat by Asya Flitman and Lyusya Voronova 3/7/2008

From:     Martin van Cat
Category: Exhibitions
Date:     28 June 2008
Time:     07:45 AM


Divus Unit 30 cremer business centre 3rd Floor, North Entrance  37 Cremer Street, Shoreditch  
London, E2 8HD, United Kingdom 
Vernissage on Thursday 3th July at 6pm
Exhibition will run from July 4 to 31
Curator: Alena Boika 

ÖOnce when I was in Moscow, and winter was cold, and evening particularly dark and nasty, I had 
read in blog by Asya Flitman ( that she proposed to everyone who 
liked her paintings to come and pick up whatever. I was surprised and shocked a bit, called her, 
came, and tried to convince to save at least best works. Asya answered that she simply didnít have 
enough of space in her tiny flat to live in and to paint and keep new pictures. I couldnít see this 
wrecking charity and said, - wait, letís do an exhibition before! I so wanted other people to see that flat 
I did, - small, warm, filled with pictures from ceiling to floor. So, part of works was saved for wider 

Lyusya Voronova ( was the first person i stayed by when I firstly came to Moscow 
to Moscow Biennale in 2005. She was the old friend of Martin Zet, and without any questions 
accommodated me on a cozy floor among paintings and dry flowers. She was then self-sacrificing 
poverty-stricken artist, cleaned three stupid offices, awoke at 4, was terribly fagged out, stubborn, full 
of light and extremely unhappy. In her flat I felt like in a song by Boris Grebenschikov, in a godforsaken 
Moscow church, and in a kitchen of Soviet intelligentsia of unclear time. The degree of talent 
correlated with a degree of misery. But she never stopped, and I am happy to see now, how changed 
colours of her works from black and brown to bright, when she at least got possibility to work, just to 
work without total disaster. 

When so suddenly I started to think about an exhibition of these two artists, their pictures and their 
flats immediately got combined in my mind. I wanted to show them together, and to represent in a 
gallery space the form of flat exhibition that was so important, and sometimes only possible in 70-80-
s, first of all in Moscow, and in Soviet Union in general. After falling of empire, so called democracy 
came, and such shows happened less and less, and then finally stopped. It seemed to everybody then 
if democracy came everything is possible, and any art could be represented in any public space. 
Intoxication by freedom was changed into crashing of illusions, division, general commercialization 
and coming of capitalism with Moscow face, main features of which are special snobbism and 
expensive realization of empty kitsch.    

Azbuka of Moscow flat could be taken as a historical show. That Moscow doesnít exist anymore, - 
child grew up, overcame sincerity and openness. Just some eye-witnesses and joyful, not 
contemporary pictures are still there. 
/Alena Boika/ 

The exhibition Azbuka of Moscow Flat is supported by Czech Center in Moscow and Prague. The first 
version of Azbuka was shown in Prague, NoD Gallery, and supported Experimental space Roxy/

Open Wednesday - Saturday 2 Ė 8 pm, and by appointment 
For additional information look at 

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