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Re: Debating the Chapmans

From:     blp
Category: Art
Date:     19 June 2008
Time:     06:25 PM


Eh? What's this Observer ire got to do with me? I'm not part of the 'cultural elite'. Do you think
I'd be writing for free here if I was? After me now, 1+1= ?

For the last time, Clem, I never set out to comment on Fucking Hell, just on the Chapmans in
general. I've seen most of their other stuff. I saw Hell, in which form and method were the same.
That only leaves size and content. Well some of the content's the same too. But still, I didn't
comment on the newer piece and never claimed to. It just suits your dishonest rhetorical style to
make a big deal out of the fact that I freely admitted I hadn't seen it. 

I said I was curious and I am, but, since our little set to I haven't had time to get down there.
I'm not going to go just because you tell me to. And I'm not responding to any more of your posts
because, when it comes to the actual arguments I make, you don't really respond to any of my posts
either, just (shrilly) pull out fragments out of context (HE HASN'T SEEN THE SHOW! FRAUD! I'VE GOT
HIM! I'VE GOT HIM THIS TIME! AND HE CALLED ME A BASTARD!) that you think you can use to make me look
bad and rebuke me ad hominem for being 'bourgeois' when you don't even know me. None of which is
much incentive to give you my views on the piece really. 

Bye now. 

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