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From:     Clem
Category: Art
Date:     11 June 2008
Time:     12:38 PM


Oh dear Blip, you seem to hoisted yourself by your own petard. So all this time, you haven't even 
seen "Fucking Hell"- a work that took The Chapmans four years to make.?Yet you wish the readers of 
World Wide Review to take seriously your five second opinions about a work you havent even seen, 
or considered or looked at.? You have been arguing your case under the false pretence of having 
seen the piece of work-your entire pretence of an argument has been deceitful, and you have drawn 
me into your deceit.
     Please come back to me when you have seen the work in question. Until then, I will be left with your 
vague and unsubstantiated musings on "real feelings" ( whatever they are- you havent explained or 
given any examples) and your general bourgeouis reactionary contempt  to anything that even 
suggests an alternative to your repressed,  politically venal view of the world.
   Jean Luc Godard?Pasolini? We're living in the present- their works are almost fifty years old! Shall I 
nip down to the video shop and pick up a pipe and slippers on the way?
    Believe me Blip, The Chapmans are not the confused ones here. I think that its not so much that 
there are no "real feelings"invoved in their work, its just that they  are dealing with feelings that you 
dont recognise or understand. Threatened by the "other" you are determined to repress or dismiss it, 
even to the extent of lying in public
    Boris Johnson seems like an honest fellow compared to you- however I'm willing to forgive, as long 
as theres a heartfelt apology to myself and the readers of World Wide Review, and a direct and 
unmediated response from you about the work in question in the next few days.The work in question 
being of courseThe Chapmans show at White Cube , Masons Yard, "If Hitler Had Been A Hippy How 
Happy We would Be". I look forward to your response, and suggest you do not darken the door of 
WorldWide Review until you have completed it.
    I hope you will refrain from proffering views on shows you havent seen in the future.

   Give my regards to your therapist,


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