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Re: RE if the Chapmans were good artists

From:     Clem
Category: Art
Date:     10 June 2008
Time:     01:18 PM


Dont worry, my little cherub, its all going to be alright in the end!

From what I could gather from your blubbing little outburst, I gather you are on the side of "real 
feelings", as opposed to the Chapmans "theatricality" and "sensationalism".So I better be careful 
what I say , in case you throw another hissy tantrum.

The Chapmans are not" pointing at horror and saying its bad". Thats something you do, down at the 
student union. They are masterful formalists who are able to articulate intricacy and deep space, in 
order to create infernal machines from which there is no escape. Rather than dismiss their work 
as "plasticky" I think you should look at "Fucking Hell" with a bit more distance( oh sorry, distance is 
bad isnt it- you want everything warm and cuddly and intimate).

Your comments about the suffering of artists- well, apart from the fact you need to grow up,do you 
imagine theres a mythical direct channel between the artists inner feelings and how she represents 
them?So that therefore the Chapmans are deficient in some basic moral/spiritual/emotional capacity, 
and you presumably are a veritable fountain of authenticity.

The original"Hell" was originally made out of nothing. No money, no sponsorship,no gallery,no hope. 
Believe me, Im certain suffering was involved. But not in the sentimental bullshit manner you describe 
it, but on a survival level. But this is utterly irrelevent to judging the work, as the "suffering " of artists is 
irrelevent to appreciating art. 

Im lost in your final two paragraphs.I dont understand the point you're making and i can only conclude 
you are in denial about your real "feelings." " They dont implicate the viewer in evil in a way that is 
uncomfortable for them"? Sorry, have you actually seen this piece of work? Looking at it made you 
feel entirely comfortable did it?It didnt disturb you at all?

Two basic points- 

Evil and Myth go together!

Why make assumptions about what The Chapmans audience have experienced.? You have no idea 
what you are talking about. Not everybody lives in your anaesthetised suburban comfort zone. 

The experience of Evil does not necessarily give way to "feeling", quite the opposite in fact.But I know 
your "feelings" are obviously precious to you, and I hope nobody evil comes along and messes with 
them in the near future.

Sleep well my darling.

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