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Answers Female Ejaculation

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Category: Art
Date:     03 June 2008
Time:     01:53 PM


 Dr. Cabello a psychologist and sexologist suggests that many women, when sexually aroused, 
ejaculate retrograde, into the bladder. Dr. Cabello tested the contents of the bladder in 24 women for 
prostate specific antigen (PSA) - the ejaculate identifier - before and after orgasm. Although only 
three out of the 24 women who were tested ejaculated, 75 percent of the non-ejaculating women had 
urine samples that had a higher percentage of PSA than had been present in their pre-orgasm urine 
samples. These results led Dr. Casbello to assert that women are experiencing "retrograde 
ejaculation" because the ejaculate fluid is being released into the bladder rather than being expelled.
Source Cabello, F 1998 "Female Ejaculation: New Biochemical Findings"

Both men and women can ejaculate with or without an orgasm. Both men and women can control 
whether or not they do ejaculate. Women may unconsciously control the sensation which would 
remind them of the urge to pee, and thus prevent ejaculation. Female Ejaculation is not the same as 
female orgasm. G-Spot orgasm is one thing, clitoral orgasm another, uterine orgasm a third and then 
there is female ejaculation. 

What I find amazing about this is not that pubescent boys are well aware of their and ability to 
ejaculate and girls are not - just that pubescent girls are not aware (as is so little of the population of 
our time in our culture) that they can full stop. I don't care that men's ability to ejaculate becomes 
blindingly obvious at the point when they have wet dreams etc. I just care that people know so little 
about the capabilities of women. I say that society is sexist - or indifferent to female ejaculation - why 
do we have to draw the comparison with male ejaculation? The fact that female ejaculation is barely 
known about or experienced is surely proof of a lack of curiosity and knowledge of females. Does this 
not slightly remind us of the fact that until recently it didn't matter whether or not women orgasmed or 
even enjoyed sex? I suppose that crappy nun and co might argue that the reason that female orgasm 
and clitoris was over looked in the past was physiological rather than sociological? It is not 
biologically necessary for women to orgasm in order to procreate, nor is it biologically necessary for 
them to ejaculate, it is just interesting that so few realise it is a possibility.

A remarkable lack of knowledge about the G Spot is an interesting thing when it is an actual part of 
the female anatomy. Its not some competition with men, and I am sure that there are plenty of women 
who don't know what to do with a penis, its just that they don't know what to do with their vaginas 
either. A look at porn sights might remind us that sex for women could be an oddly alienating 
experience. ok now for that old debate. but any way I bet that there are alot more women who are 
averse to receiving oral sex than there are men. Self hatred? As Germaine Geer said if you haven't 
tasted menstrual blood you're not any where baby (I'm not sure that I agree)

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