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Lorenzo Odone of 'Lorenzo's oil' dies aged 30 (though predicted to die by 10)

From:     Remi
Category: Life
Date:     02 June 2008
Time:     06:21 PM


Lorenzo's oil was the film of Lorenzo Odone who developed adrenoleukodystrophy [ALD], a 
neurological disease that usally proves fatal within months of diagnosis.  His parents did not accept 
this verdict as a given and put themselves to work on finding a cure when Lorenzo developed the 
illness aged 6. They invented an oil, hence the eponymous name, that, though it didn't reverse the 
damage done by the illness, has been shown by a 10 year study to ward of the debilitating symptoms 
associated with ALD. 

I salute you, Augusto and Michaela Odone, for not taking 'no' for answer and showing the true spirit of 

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