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Jake & Dinos Chapman: If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be.... WHITE CUBE GALLERY LONDON

From:     JAY
Category: Art
Date:     30 May 2008
Time:     06:20 AM


The Chaps are nice guys, tall and humorous. They sometimes take bits of art and work on them to 
make contemporary art, some of hitlers watercolours have got some rainbows drawn on them, and 
some old portraits have funnny noses and stuff painted on. Then in the basement there are big 
vitrines with dioramas of hell/concentration camps a recreation of the one that got burnt, an event they 
are pleasantly philosophically about. Irony you see.

As they get richer and more famous we canlook forward to the chapmans destroying/adding to lucien 
freuds and damien hirsts (imagine the outrage when they work on the work of their gallery's most 
expensive artist, they may have to move to gagosian!), until their mash-up machine eventually turns on 
itself and they have to rework their own work. A bit like Hell.

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