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racism versus fear if change

From:     polls
Category: Art
Date:     29 May 2008
Time:     04:54 AM


"I don't think it is racist to be concerned for elderly people who find it increasingly hard to exist in 
communities where they are in the minority"

"But isn't it understandable that in an area you consider your home you want to share it with people 
who share the values of the locality"

Firsly you have no substantive evidence for your views on the thoughts of older white people. Perhaps 
you are projecting your own racist fears onto a more sympathetic group than the one you represent 
(presumably that of youngish people).

Secondly what are the values of the locality for the people you are worried about (the white working 
class), christianity, english food, and english people and in what ways do the old people find it hard to 
exist (besides shit pensions given to them by a white govt.)? How many of these white working class 
people attend church, read shakespeare, etc? And given that many immigrants are english speakers 
from ex-British colonies, mostly they probably share the values of the indigenous community and the 
only objection that can be offered against them is that they enjoy local values with a different skin 

And when they attend mosque or temple or eat different food or talk a different language why should 
that be so offensive to an english white person, an englishman's home is his castle, and most of our 
life in cities is spent in private, why should it matter what other people are doing while we sit watching 
our tv.

Thirdly why do the rights and feelings of locals have so much more weight for you than those of 
immigrants. Immigrants must often feel scared and lonely as much as white oaps. They often fear the 
majority and are worried by many issues that the native can ignore (like learning to speak english). 
Where is your sympathy for them. Perhaps you say, all right, let them go back to their own country, 
well the tedious reply is that that never stopped the Brits invading and exploiting theirs, and secondly 
why shouldn't we share our enormous wealth with people from poorer less stable and liberated 

So in the end I feel most of your spurious sympathy for the old white people and worries about some 
kind of nebulous cultural pollution are just a displaced dislike of people who look different from you. If 
that is the case speak for yourself not the bogus spectral OAP you conjure up to make yourself feel 
kind, rather than racist.

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